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Dr N Godwin Raja Ebenezer

Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering  

Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology

email ID: godwinrajaebenezer@licet.ac.in

Acquired my Ph.D in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Robotics. My area of interest includes Machine elements design, optimization and non-conventional algorithms.


M.E., MBA., Ph.D


Computer Aided Design

Work Experience

  • Teaching: 21 years
  • Industry: 2 Years
  • Self employed: 2.5 Years

Professional Body Membership

Life member in ISTE.

FDP/ Seminars/ Workshops

  • One week Anna University SDP on FEA techniques at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, 2002
    • Two weeks AICTE – ISTE STTP on CFD with special reference to Food Industries at Kongu Engineering College, Erode, 2004
    • Two days workshop on TQM on Higher education at PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, 2005 
    • Two days FDP on GE 1X01 Engineering Graphics at CSI College of Engineering, Ketti, Ooty, 2006
    • Two weeks AICTE – ISTE STTP on Modeling and Optimization of Manufacturing elements at J.J College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy – 9, 2004
    • Two week faculty development (FDP101x) program on foundation program in ICT for education, MHRD &IIT Bombay, Loyola –ICAM College of Engineering and Technology(LICET), Chennai Online activity 3.8.2017 to 7.9.17
  • Two day short term course on casting technology, Valeo India Private limited, Loyola –ICAM College of Engineering and Technology, (LICET), Chennai, 28.11.2017 to 29.11.2017

Awards & Achievements

  • Rank holder in GATE 2000 Exam conducted by IIT Kharagpur – secured 73.2 Percentile.
  • Served as the Guide for a student project titled “Improving the Mechanical Properties of natural Fibre Composite materials using Chemical treatment” that fetched a grant of Rs 6000/- under TNSCST Student Project Scheme, 2011-2012.
  • National/ International Journals
  • Saravanan, R., Ramabalan, S., Godwin Raja Ebenezer, N. and Dharmaraja, C. “Evolutionary Multicriteria Design Optimization of Robot Grippers”, Applied Soft Computing, DOI: 10.1016/j.asoc.2008.04.001, Vol.9, pp. 159-172, 2009.
  • Saravanan, R., Ramabalan, S., Godwin Raja Ebenezer, N. and Natarajan, R. “Evolutionary Bi-criteria Optimum Design of Robots Based on Task Specifications”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, DOI: 10.1007/s00170-008-1483-8, Vol. 41, pp. 386-406, 2009.
  • Saravanan, R., Godwin Raja Ebenezer, N. Ramabalan, S., and Balamurugan, C.   Balamurugan, N. “Evolutionary Uncertainity Analysis and Allocation of Joint Tolerances in Robot Manipulators”, Journal of Mechatronics and Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 1, No. 1/2,   Pp. 49-74, 2009.
  • Navaneethasanthakumar S., Mohanasundaram K.M Godwin Raja Ebenezer, N. Krishnaraj, C.   . “Forward Kinematics analysis of SCORBOT ER V Plus using Labview”, European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 72, No. 4,   Pp. 549-557, 2012.
  • Godwin Raja Ebenezer, N., Saravanan, R., Ramabalan, S., and Natarajan, R. “Evolutionary Optimum Design for a task specified 6 link planar robot”, International Review of Mechanical Engineering (IREME) Vol. 8, No. 1,   Pp. 36-51, 2014.
  • Multicriteria trajectory planning with NURBS curves for cooperative robots, Vol 8, issue 5, May 2017,pp959-973,Article ID:IJMET:08_05_101,ISSN Print 0976 – 6340 and ISSN online 0976 – 6359,. Ramabalan, R. Saravanan, R. Krishnaraj and N. Godwin Raja Ebenezer.
  • Advanced helical gear reducer design optimization through nature inspired algorithms, World Scientific News,7(2),2017,267-280, N.Godwin Raja Ebenezer, R Saravanan, S. Ramabalan, S. Navaneethasanthakumar.
  • “Helical spring design optimization in dynamic environment based on nature Inspired algorithms”, ISSN 0973-6085, Volume 12,Number 4(2017),pp709-739,N.Godwin Raja Ebenezer, R Saravanan, S. Ramabalan, S. Navaneethasanthakumar.
  • Worm gear drive optimization considering industry constraints based on nature inspired algorithms,World Scientific News,87,2017,205-221 N.Godwin Raja Ebenezer, R Saravanan, S. Ramabalan, S. Navaneethasanthakumar.
  • Godwin Raja Ebenezer N, Ramabalan S, Navaneethasanthakumar S “Practical Optimal Design on Two Stage Spur Gears Train Using Nature Inspired Algorithms”. International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-8 Issue-6, August 2019.(Date: Aug 25, 2019)
  • Godwin Raja Ebenezer N, Ramabalan S, Navaneethasanthakumar S “Advanced design optimization on straight bevel gears pair based on nature inspired algorithms”. SN Applied Sciences, Springer, 1:1155, 2019. (Sep 4, 2019)

National/ International Conferences

  • “Evolutionary optimization of Energy in multipass rolling process” – National conference on Intelligence Systems for Robotics and Automation (ISRA) at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, 2008.
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