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+Vision & Mission


To offer unstinting support to the core departments to function effectively to achieve their vision and mission commendably.


Motivating and training the students to acquire skills in problem solving, logical reasoning, analysis and effective communication that culminates in societal need oriented projects and research.


  • To lay firm foundation in basic sciences, which is indispensable for engineering and technology
  • To groom the students all-round, that they turn out to be conscientious citizens of our country
  • To achieve professional growth that consummates in research by imparting language skills and life skills along with technical skills

+Lab Facilities (Apart from Curriculum)

Physics: Extending support to project and research work, system discovery.

Chemistry: Supports student project and research work of staff.

Teaching Faculty Members

Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Ms.S.A.Josephine Assistant Professor/ HOD josephine.sa@licet.ac.in


Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Ms.T.Ann Christiana Assistant Professor annchristiana.t@licet.ac.in
Ms.R.Nilavu Assistant Professor nilavu.r@licet.ac.in
Mario Cassion Anand.A Assistant Professor mariocassionanand.a@licet.ac.in


Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Rev.Dr.Justine. S.J Dean of Students frjustine@licet.ac.in
Ms.A.Kirupa Assistant Professor kirupa.a@licet.ac.in
Mr.B. Arulselvam Assistant Professor arulselvam.b@licet.ac.in
Ms.S.Shenbaga Devi Assistant Professor shenbagadevi.s@licet.ac.in
Mr. Mike Dison E Assistant Professor mikedison.e@licet.ac.in


Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Dr.D.Caleb Chanthi Raj Professor coe@licet.ac.in
Dr Tomy Scaria Associate Professor drtomyscaria@licet.ac.in
Dr. M. Mary Jaculine Associate Professor maryjaculine.m@licet.ac.in


Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Mr.R.Mohan Assistant Professor prof.rmohan@licet.ac.in
Ms.G.kavitha Assistant Professor kavitha@licet.ac.in
Ms. L.Reeta Carolin Associate Professor reetacarolin.c@licet.ac.in

Non-Teaching Members

Staff Photo Staff Name Designation Email
Mr. D Robert Lab instructor licet@licet.ac.in
Ms. N. Subalakshmi Lab instructor licet@licet.ac.in
+Faculty Achievements


Ms R. Nilavu
  • Completed 2 year PGCTE (Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching of English) Degree programme from English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad with ‘A’ Grade after a one month contact programme
  • Was a Resource Person for the Faculty Development Programme approved by Anna University, Chennai on HS 6251- Technical English II on 11.12.2014 on the topic “Making Grammar Lessons Interesting” at Idhaya Engineering College at Chinnasalem.
  • Pursuing PGDTE (Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English) at English and Foreign Languages University since November 2015.


Ms. S. A. Josephine
  • Pursuing PhD (research area- queueing theory)
  • Attended an International Conference on “Mathematics and Applications” (ICMAA) held at Villupuram in Dec 2014
  • Attended Bridge Course in Mathematics conducted by Anna University in July 2014.
Rev Fr Justine
  • Rev Fr Justine has attended Bridge Course in Mathematics conducted by Anna University in July 2014
  • Delivered a Guest Lecture at Department of Mathematics, Loyola College, Nungambakkam , on 8th July 2014.
Ms A. Kirupa
  • Pursuing PhD (Research area Fuzzy logics)
  • Attended “National one day workshop on fuzzy set theory and its applications on commemoration of 50th year of Zadeh’s fuzzy sets” held on 9th February 2015 and presented the topic,” Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision in environment”.
Mr. B. Arulselvam
  • Attended National conference on mathematical applications in engineering and technology February 2015
  • Organized ‘’Social Learning Camp’’ in Olaipadi Village, Vetavalam, Thiruvanamalai District from 19th to 24th February 2015.


Rev Dr Francis P Xavier SJ

Resource Person:

  • Arul Kadal, Chennai (Dec 2013) – Course on: Religion and Science
  • Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri (Feb 2014) – Input session on: Building up Institution
  • Vidyaniketan, Trivandrum (July 28-30 2014) – Course on: Time Management.
  • Satya Nilayam, Chennai (Aug 28-30 2014) – Course on: Philosophy of Science
  • VisCom, Loyola College (Mar 2015) – Workshop on: Time Management


  • Collaborative research: Boston College (May 2014)
  • Doctoral dissertation (theses defended – 4; thesis submitted – 1; ongoing – 1)

Paper Publications: (Co-authored)

  • An investigation on the effect of porosity on the transport properties of porous silicon, Int. J. Microstructure and Materials Properties, 8 (6) 462–477 (2014)
  • Effect of Al-dopant concentration on structural, optical and photoconducting properties in nanostructured zinc oxide thin films, Mater. Sci. Semicond, Process, 16 295-302 (2013)
  • Thickness dependent microstructure, optical and photo conducting properties of ZnO thin films by spin coating process, Journal of Electron Devices, 17 1417-1422 (2013)
  • Effect of post deposition annealing on the optical absorption and photoconductivity studies of pure ZnTe and pure MgPc thin films formed by vacuum deposition, Archives of Applied Science Research, 5(2) 167-171 (2013)

Paper Presentation:

  • Looking beyond Disaster International Youth Forum 4 – Jointly organised by American University of Sovereign Nations, USA, The Eirene Initiative global Network, St.Paul University,Quezon city, Eubios Institute, Bangkok – Title: Community-based Disaster Preparedness, and Enhancement of sustainable Livelihood for the Inhabitants of Pulicat (Tamilnadu, India) – A case Study (Apr 2 – 6, 2014) in St Paul University, Quezen City, Manila, The Philippines
  • First International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics at Chulalonkorn University, Bangkok (Thailand) – Title: ‘Ethical Dilemmas towards Food Security in Indian Scenario and the Role of Higher Educational Institutions’ (Nov 28-30 2013)

Seminar Organized:

  • 14th Asian Conference on Bioethics, LIFE and LICET collaboration (Nov 19-23 2013) – Organizer
Dr Tomy Scaria

– Visited ICAM, Toulouse during Dec 13-19, 2014 under academic exchange programme.

Mr. C. S. Antony Raj
  • Organized the summer coaching camp for the marginalized and poor students from 13th April to 10th May 2014
  • Participated in Faculty Development Training Programme on Bridge Course at Anna University College of Engineering, Guindy on 16th and 17th June 2014
  • Submitted the Synopsis of the thesis entitled ‘’ PHOTOCONDUCTIVITY STUDIES ON HYBRID ZNTE/MGPC THIN FILMS’’ on June 2014
  • Organized a blood donation camp in LICET in collaboration with Rotary Club West and blood bank of Rajiv Gandhi Government hospital on 8th August 2014
  • Submitted the Doctoral Thesis entitled ‘’ PHOTOCONDUCTIVITY STUDIES ON HYBRID ZNTE/MGPC THIN FILMS’’ on September 2014
  • Organized retreat for catholic students in co-ordination with Campus Ministry team of LICET
  • Participated in Orientation Course for NSS Programme Officers at Empanelled Training Institute (ETI) – Madras School of Social Work, Chennai from 11th to 17th December 2014
  • Participated in the International Conference on ‘’ ETHICS TEACHERS TRAINING COURSE’’, organized by LICET in collaboration with UNESCO (Bangkok) from 12th to 16th January 2014
  • Organized ‘’Road Safety Awareness Programme’’ in LICET in collaboration with Ashok Leyland on 23rd January 2014
  • Organized ‘’Social Learning Camp’’ in Olaipadi Village, Vetavalam, Thiruvanamalai District from 19th to 24th February 2015
  • Coordinated the College Band for LICET Sports Day on 7th March 2015


Dr. Shree meenakshi
  • Paper publication on Preparation and Characterization of Copper Oxide -Water Based Nanofluids by One Step Method for Heat Transfer Applications


  • Ms. Nilavu – English
  • Ms. Kirupa- Mathematics
  • Mr. Arulselvam -Mathematics
  • Mr. C S A Raj- Physics
    actively participated in the faculty development programme – Bridge course on 22 and 23 June 2015 held at Anna university, Chennai.

+Students' Achievements

Student’s achievements under guidance of the department Around 12 students, from the 1st year of LICET from various departments attended the CONVERGENCE’ 15, conducted by the Science & Humanities Department of SRI SAI RAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on the 19th of March, 2015. The events included Paper presentation, Poster presentation, Quiz, and other Surprise Events. Our students participated in all the events and won prizes. The symposium had around 10 to 12 colleges from all over Tamil Nadu, among which LICET had the prominent number of prize winners. Below are the names of the participants from LICET.

  • Cynthia Stephen-ECE Participated In Paper Presentation-Chemistry
  • Infant Tona M-ECE Participated In Paper Presentation-Chemistry
  • Manju Bhagavathy-ECE Participated In Paper Presentation-Chemistry
  • Eugene Deborah-ECE Won First Prize In Paper Presentation-English
  • Vidya Rajalakshmi-ECE Participated In Paper Presentation-Physics
  • Rajkumar Rajavel-ECE Participated In Paper Presentation-Maths And In Surprise Event
  • Leonard Vishal C-MECH-B Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation-Maths & Physics
  • Sinita Maria Marcelina-MECH-B Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation-Physics
  • Abhishek Mathew-MECH-A Won First Prize In Paper Presentation-Maths
  • Jeshua Varun Tracy-EEE Won First Prize In Paper Presentation-Maths
  • Febin Thomas M-IT Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation-Maths And In Surprise Event
  • Jack Reuben-IT Won Second Prize In Paper Presentation-Maths And In Surprise Event

Workshop on Teaching Mathematics for Engineering Students

Date: 30.10.2015

A one day workshop on ‘Teaching mathematics for engineering students’ was organized by the department of mathematics on 30.10.2015, in which 27 mathematics teachers as well as a few research scholars from several engineering colleges from all over Tamil Nadu took part.

The workshop commenced with an inaugural function, presided over by Dr Vijayalakshmi from VIT university, Chennai. The function began at 8.30 a.m. with a prayer song, invoking God’s blessings. Ms. S A Josephine, the head of the department of mathematics welcomed the gathering, followed by felicitations by the Director of LICET, Rev. Dr Francis Xavier SJ, the Principal, Dr Jose Swaminathan, and the Dean, Rev. Dr John Pragasam SJ.

The inaugural session was handled by Dr Vijayalakshmi from VIT University, Chennai on the topic, ‘Optimization Techniques’. It was interesting with very many life incidents as examples. The participants were very happy to learn the art of making their mathematics classes interesting to the students. The second session was lead by Dr Pavai from RMK engineering college, chennai. She dealt on the topic, ‘How to teach engineering mathematics interestingly’. It enabled the participants to infuse lots of day to day examples in their every day class room teaching.

The third session was dealt by Dr Shankar from Anna University, Chennai on the topic, ‘Teaching Calculus to the engineering students’. He covered the entire couse on Engineering Mathematics I. It was a kind of a revision for the participants. The fourth session was handled by Dr Indra Rajasingh from VIT University, Chennai. She dealt with the topic, ‘Fourier series and Fourier Transforms’. The session was so interesting with life time examples and models of Fourier series. The participants felt that the entire session was very useful with lots of new techniques and exmaples to teach Fourier series in a lively manner. The workshop came to a conclusion with a vote of thanks by Ms Kirupa of Mathematics department.

Report on Igniteen ‘19

The Student Induction Programme for the newly admitted students of B.E & B. Tech was organised from 24th July to 7th August, 2019. It was inaugurated on the 24th August. The programme began with a brief prayer ceremony followed by the formal inauguration in Bertram Hall, Loyola Campus. The dignitaries present for the occasion were Rev. Dr. Francis P Xavier SJ, Rector, Loyola Campus, Director, LICET, Principal, Deans of Students, Women Students, and Research, and Heads of various departments. Students and their parents were formally welcomed and introduced to the pedagogy of the Jesuits Education. The Director introduced the official team to the audience. Fr. Justine, Dean of Students and Dr. Antony Michael Raj Principal addressed the parents on the guidelines of LICET.