LOYOLA-ICAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Loyola College Campus, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 34


14 Mar

Mini-Project Expo 2020 The students of 3rd year ECE exhibited their mini-projects during the mini-project Expo held on 14th march 2020 in the central Lobby, LICET.

The following projects were implemented and demonstrated during this event and all the projects were well received by the audiences. LICET officials and staff members had shown exceptional interest in interacting with each team to motivate them to fabricate each project as a real-time application.

List of Mini-Projects Demonstrated

·         Non – Invasive Haemoglobin Counter

·         Energy harvesting using piezo electric effect

·         Pressure distribution finder

·         Smart water management

·         CCM App

·         Hospital waste segregation

·         Li-fi

·         Smart Helmet

·         Prosthetic Hand

·         Cyberuated Dustrag

·         Locate me


·         Visicare

·         Nugat

·         Cap Let you know

·         Automatic car control during emergency

·         Hear Phone

·         Smart wheel chair

·         know where

·         Smart shopping basket

·         Person counter using IR sensor

·         Smart Blind stick

·         Loves

·         Refresser Glasses

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