DAIKIN Workshop

06 Dec

Two-day workshop on Refrigeration and Air conditioning systems 6th & 7th Dec 2019…..

Objective of the workshop

The training is aimed at providing broad working knowledge of the Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Area which include detailed introduction of technique principles and in-depth hands on practices. It would also provide a forum for students to discuss the developments and applications of the latest refrigeration systems to help in the development and improvement of a green and sustainable environment.

Consolidated summary on the workshop conducted

The two-day workshop was conducted by Mr. Ashok, Regional training Manager, DAIKIN. He discussed in detail on various topics that ranged from the basics of air conditioning, sky air units, Inverter AC and VRV systems. All the sessions were accompanied with suitable hands on training for the students. The students were given in detail the concept of VRV systems and their working was practically demonstrated to see the latest advancements in Air-Conditioning.

Outcome of the workshop

  • Students were able to understand the principles of refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Students were able to perceive the important parts of each system.
  • Students were able to visualize and understand the differentiation of each and every AC system in use.
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