Holistic Education

Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life...

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LICET has been a consistent player for the past years in the list of campus placement records among private institutions in India...

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Right from the founding of the Society of Jesus (known as the Jesuit Order), Jesuits pioneered in the field of innovative education keeping the needs of the society in focus.

Industry Institute Interface

A productive interface between academia and industry, in the present times of knowledge economy, is a critical requirement. The industry ...

Sports & Games

To undertake a journey towards excellence in the field of Physical Education through innovative practice with deeper emphasis on pedagogical ...

Student Service

To enhance the students’ leadership qualities, attitude, communicative and creative skills, we insist on providing additional support,care and an opportunity ...

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Students of LICET will have ample opportunities for international exposure through student-exchange programs as well as higher studies in universities abroad to gain confidence to face the future with preparedness and readiness. Apart from ICAM in France, our students have opportunities to go to USA, Germany, UK and Spain for summer projects.

In addition to having ICAM as its partner Institute, LICET has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the following Universities, for academic and research collaboration.

1. Institut catholique d'arts et métiers, France

2. Comillas Pontifical University, Spain

3. Heilbronn University, Germany

4. Fairfield University, United States

5. Saint Louis University, United States

An important initiative has been taken by IIT Bombay to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects. This initiative is a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, supported by MHRD.

LICET has been recognized as the Remote center for IITB, being responsible for Coordinating the workshops, seminars, Live lectures organized by IIT Bombay, Taking care of common logistics arrangements such as classroom, audio-visual equipment, A-View Coordination, etc..,

At LICET, we do not confine to academics alone. We believe in holistic formation, giving due importance to sport sand games. We endeavour to aid in the overall development of each individual. This includes physical fitness, mental fitness, team spirit and discipline. We encourage our students to pursue excellence in their chosen sports, providing the required infrastructure.

Sports infrastructure at LICET comprises of outdoor and indoor games. We have well maintained outdoor fields for cricket, Football, Basket ball, Volleyball, Tennis. We have indoor facility for shuttle & Table Tennis. We also have a gym, indoor.

The primary aim of the College is to provide University education in a Christian atmosphere to deserving students, especially those belonging to the Catholic Christian Community. Although this college is meant primarily for Catholics, it does admit other students irrespective of their caste and creed.

The college aims at training young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life and serve their fellowmen with justice, truth and love. It is expected that this training would play a vital role in bringing about the desired change for the betterment of the people of our country, more particularly the poorer and marginalized sections of the society and Dalits. Further it will foster an atmosphere of intellectual vigour and moral rectitude in which the young men and women of our country may find their fulfillment and achieve greatness as eminent men and women for others.

Under the guidance and support of LICET Management, the Quality improvement cell functions to upgrade the system by analyzing the needs of students and faculty, updating the recent trends in technology, provides the e-resources and monitor the performance and give their suggestions.

E-Learning Resources: Audio-video lectures are available in NPTEL link


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