Department Initiatives

Value Added Course - Professional Language Training (PLT)

Data Analytics using R

Course Name : Data Analytics using R
Duration : December 2018- March 2019
Day : Friday
Time : 10:10 am -11:50 am
Venue : Center for Intelligent Systems (J14)
Year / Sem : III / 06
Batch : 2016-2020
Course Instructor : Ms H Bemesha Smitha, AP/IT

Machine Learning using Python

Course Name : Machine Learning using Python
Duration : December 2018- March 2019
Day : Friday
Time : 10:10 am -11:50 am
Venue : Data Structures Lab (A22)
Year / Sem : III / 06
Batch : 2016-2020
Course Instructor : Ms A Janani, AP/IT

PLT is a value added course for the students to familiarize the concepts of computer programming. The following courses are offered.
Duration: July – September 2017

Programming in R

         [III -IT]
No of Students: 60

Ms H Bemesha Smitha, AP/IT

  • R Overview – Introduction
  • R Environment Setup
  • R Data Types, Variables, Operators, Decision making, Loops
  • R Charts
  • R Data Interfaces-CSV, XML, MySQL Database
  • R Statistics

Programming in Python

          [II -IT]
No of Students: 35

Ms G Shobana, AP/IT

  • Introduction in Python, Variables, Datatypes, Operators, IO, Conditionals & Loops
  • String manipulation
  • Lists and tuples
  • Dictionaries and sets
  • Functions, Modules, Scripts and packages
  • File handling & OOP concepts
  • Python and databases

Programming in Perl

         [II -IT]
No of Students: 28

Ms X Jerry Benn Francis, AP/IT

  • Overview and installation of Perl
  • Scalar, Arrays and Hashes
  • String manipulation
  • Conditionals and loops, operators
  • Sub Routines, references
  • File handling, Directories
  • Pattern matching, Regular expressions
  • Sending email using Perl & OOPs
  • Accessing a Database using DBI
App Development and Web Club

The App Development and Web Club of IT department was inaugurated on 12-08-2017 during the Symposium Inauguration. The Following Apps and Website were developed by students of IT department

• Symposium Website
• E-Souvenir

Spoken Tutorial (06/08/2017-08/09/2017)

The Department of IT is organizing and conducting “Spoken Tutorial” an initiative from IIT Bombay, NMEICT MHRD, Govt of India. The Spoken Tutorial Project is about teaching and learning a particular FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) via an easy Video tool – ‘Spoken Tutorials’.LICET is recognized as “Super Resource centre” for conducting spoken tutorial sessions. The following are the list of courses conducted from 06/08/2017 to 08/09/2017
3. Ruby(IT,CSE)
5. Scilab(ECE,EEE,MECH)
6. Oscad(ECE,EEE)
7. OpenFoam(MECH)

Computer Society of India Student Chapter (23/08/2017)

The CSI Student Chapter jointly organized by Information Technology and Computer Science Department was inaugurated on 23rd August 2017. Mr F Israel Inbaraj, General Manager - HR, Tata Consultancy Services Bangalore presided over the function as the chief guest and graced the occasion with his presence. Mr F Israel Inbaraj addressed the gathering with his motivational speech on Career Opportunities in IT industry. Seven events namely Mobile App Development, Debugging, Problem Solving, Website Design, Photoshop & Flash, Technical Quiz and Adzap were conducted and students participated with great enthusiasm.