Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Project Title: Fingerspelling - Sign Language Tool
Principal Investigator: Prof. Deepak B. Phatak
Project In-charge: Dr. Sameer Sahasrabuddhe
Project Team:
Romey Christo (LICET)
Tejas Nanaware
Suchismita Debnath

Fingerspelling - Sign Language Tool enables you to learn Indian Sign Language (ISL). The tool has an active feed that helps you to learn the basic finger spellings, that is, the Indian Sign Language gestures for the english alphabets A-Z. The application has been made in order to promote the knowledge of Indian Sign Language and aid the teachers at the speech impaired schools so that each student gets an individual attention. We have developed this application as interpretation medium between someone who doesn't know sign language to someone who knows.It benefits the speech and hearing impaired people and acting as a bridge for their communication.


The tool gives you an option to learn with a Windows Game, a web application and a python based image processing application to help in the gesture detection.

The main focus of this application are three modules: ‘Learn’, ‘Practice’, ‘Test’ which help you to learn the Indian Sign Language with no software cost and minimal hardware requirements. The existing systems that aid teaching Indian Sign Language are expensive and require additional expensive hardware components like Xbox Kinect or Arduino Smart Gloves whereas, our system can be implemented using just a low end computer with a webcam.