Grievance Cell

Grievance Redressal Committee

Loyola ICAM College of Engineering is committed to provide a good atmosphere for learning. LICET has set up a Grievance Cell in accordance with the AICTE Regulation (1-101/DPG/AICTE/Regulation/20L7, dated 20th February 2017) emphasizing on a need of structured mechanism for online registration as well as disposal of the grievance of students/ faculty/ stakeholders.

The Grievance Cell facilitates an amicable settlement of the grievance in a fair and impartial manner, maintaining necessary confidentiality.

Any stakeholder with a genuine grievance could approach Grievance Cell to submit his/her grievance in writing. Stakeholders could also submit their issues in electronic form-through Email (mail id: or Online Registration System or submission in person to the Officer-In-Charge

The grievance could be related to
• academic
• extension of extra-curricular or sports activities
• placement
• general amenities & maintenance
• any other issue

Members of the Grievance Cell
1. Director - Convenor
2. Dean of Studies
3. Dean-Women Welfare
4. In-Charge, Grievance Cell
5. Head of the concerned Department

The objectives of the Grievance Cell are the following:
• To address in a fair manner, issues faced by stakeholders
• To uphold the sanctity of the college by promoting good relationship amongst students and also a good professional relationship between students and staff, both teaching and non-teaching
• To ensure that grievances are addressed and resolved promptly and in complete confidentiality
• To make sure that the grievant is not discriminated or victimized

The Grievance Redressal Process shall be as follows
1. Registration of grievance by means of Email or submission of grievance in person at GRC or Online registration system
2. Acknowledging the receipt of grievance immediately or through email reply
3. Forwarding the grievance to the concerned Department or Section, seeking redressal
4. If the solution is not satisfactory, calling for hearing or enquiry
5. If the issue is still not resolved, convening a meeting of members of the Grievance Cell
6. Communicating the final decision to both parties, either by Email or letter

Click here to Register Grievance Online

Grievance Redressal Cell
Room No: J25
Loyola Campus
Chennai 34
Email: Telephone number: 9003900183

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